I'm going gho- gh- g- gay!


the fact women are viewed as being more sexy at 15 than 40 is the creepiest thing in the world


Gon has punched a tree, made it rain bugs and wore a necklace and I’ve never ever seen Killua so amazed before in any other episode.

i just heard abt the Sodomquake happening and im just fucking APPALLED by how horrible WTNV fandom can apparently be

i hope the ones that had something to do with driving her out of internet know that both Fink and Cranor are rly upset 2 and u should be ashamed xoxo


all of the hairdos

all of them

do u have that one person who you kinda just 

im so happy youre alive i dont care that youre miles and miles away i just love you a lot and care for you so much


i went with my baby scott because i don’t own anything with the usamerican flag… or stripes… or stars… and steve kind of just wears jeans and too tight t-shirts when he’s not in uniform. at least scott’s look is kind of recognizable!

cosplays im gonna do this/the next year:

killua from hunterxhunter
kevin from welcome to night vale
lydia martin from teen wolf
mikasa from attack of titan [SNK]

also i REALLY want to cosplay Kevin

i was just sending the last post on my Kevin account when giga crashed but whatever

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